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Riverlane has been granted two United States Patents.
The patents were for: “power-aware transmission of quantum control signals” and “quantum computing apparatus and associated methods”.
Both tackle the quantum computing challenge of engineering energy-efficient machines.

PRESS RELEASE — Riverlane has been granted two United States Patents for its “power-aware transmission of quantum control signals” and “quantum computing apparatus and associated methods”.

Both patents tackle one of commercial quantum computing’s biggest challenges: engineering energy-efficient machines.

The first patent covers of a method of selecting power-optimal compression schemes for transmitting control signals. It provides the high bandwidth rates required as quantum computers scale while minimising the power demands imposed by such extreme refrigeration requirements. You can read more about the technology behind this patent here.

The second patent covers a quantum control system that uses a double-buffer memory to store quantum operations for controlling qubits. The double-buffer memory allows for part of the memory to be active while the other is idle and can be updated with the next instruction. You can read more about this patent here.

Marco Ghibaudi, VP Engineering at Riverlane, said: “Riverlane is building the quantum error correction stack to not only unlock useful quantum computing, faster, but also ensure these machines will run with the right balance of speed, accuracy, cost, hardware and power requirements to provide a practical route to error-corrected quantum computing.”

“These latest patents demonstrate our commitment and expertise to help tackle the errors that quantum computers are prone to. It is a complex undertaking but one our team is uniquely positioned to address thanks to our expertise and experience in quantum error correction.”

Riverlane’s Quantum Error Correction Stack, named ‘Deltaflow’, creates error-free logical qubits from many unstable physical qubits enabling large-scale applications to be built. It consists of two layers – a control system ‘Deltaflow.Control’ and the world’s most powerful decoder technology ‘Deltaflow.Decode’.

These are the latest patents granted to Riverlane. At the time of writing, Riverlane has more than 50 active patents and applications fundamental to quantum error correction, including its proprietary collision clustering decoder and breakthrough parallel decoding algorithm; cutting-edge quantum control system architectures, including novel pulse generation and compression algorithms; and compilation schemes and quantum chemistry algorithms that will demonstrate quantum advantage on fault-tolerant quantum computers.

Riverlane has also filed an additional five patent applications across its control and decoder systems used in its Quantum Error Correction Stack, Deltaflow.

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